How to make resolutions work and stick to it

It’s not long until the season of making New Year’s resolutions starts again. I have been part of that enormously large group of people who promised themselves to “do more sports, eat healthier, call my parents every Sunday” in previous years and who couldn’t stick to it by January 10th. And I have been part of the group of people who doesn’t take any resolutions at all because having been part of the former group.
Today, I see things a little different. I do define goals, or to be more precise one single goal at a time. It’s not necessarily end of December but rather whenever it makes sense (because the previous is fulfilled or not attaint by the set date or I truly changed my mind and want to change priorities). Yes, it is also hard for me to choose the single one aspect I set myself a goal. But it’s simply way better to focus on one thing for a few months and actually advance and then change to another aspect of life instead of wanting to do everything at the same time and eventually having difficulties to juggle all the different goals. So, I limit myself to one goal at a time. This one goal, I try to define it with the SMART method. It needs to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-related.
And to give you an example, I share my current goal: “write at least two blogposts a week on this blog and achieve 50 unique visitors for the month May 2016”. So, I am working towards regularly posting interesting content for you to make want to read more. If you have a minute, I’d love to read your feedback – patrizia[at] Thank you!

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