Pick it up again

It’s been a little while since my last blogpost, I’ve clearly not met my goal. So there are a few fews how to deal with it: 1. ignore it and trying to forget about it and never try again
2. accept the fact this time I’ve failed and take action to learn from it.

I’m going for the latter. So before I jump back at it, I first try to understand why I missed my goal. So what had happened? There is a very clear event that occupied my whole thinking for several weeks. I have been completely occupied and didn’t have the energy for anything else than getting myself through the day, going to work, eating, wearing clean clothes and entertain a limited social life. Even though I didn’t like it at all not having more energy, I accept it. And I accept that I therefore just didn’t write those two blogposts a week that I wanted to.

Now, do I need to adapt my goal? I’ll do it for myself. One blogpost a week is good enough for the moment. I need to look after myself and I try to be understanding with myself. If I was a good friend, I’d also be nice – so why not be nice to myself? The important thing is to not give up but pick it up again and continue.

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