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Warm welcome to new colleagues

Starting a new job is a challenge. In case you’ve moved to a new place or start working in another country or need to speak a foreign language, things might be even a bit more challenging. I have made that experience myself and I am sure everyone of you have lived through similar situations. The thing I remember the most was being “on fire” during my time at work but simply exhausted once I arrived back home. And I also remember very well which colleages asked me to come along with them for lunch in the first couple of days, weeks and months to come (and I still like having lunch with them). Thanks again Hubert, Jan and Markus! It was those people, who made me feel welcome, part of a team even though it was all about learning for me and I couldn’t give them back a lot. So, this year, with two new colleages arriving in my group, I try to pass the warm welcome on to them, knowing that it will help them feel accepted and part of the group a little faster.

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