Instant Happiness #1

There are days when things overwhelm me and I struggle to get back onto the path of stop dwelling about the negative but start observing my thoughts and feelings, accepting them and eventually move on. Moving on with the life that takes place that very second and cherish the moment for what it is.

Today is one of those challenging days. And I do allow myself to feel angry, tired, anxious, frustrated and so on, because it’s simply part of my life just as well as of anyone else’s. Yet, I am searching for triggers that I manage to think of in the midsts of a negative thought spiral to get that a foot into the door and being able to make that step backwards and start observing instead of running in circles and getting exhausted searching for the way out.

So, my instant happiness #1 is the song “Happy” from Pharrell Williams…. I just need to turn it on and the clouds start to part and let me regain some control over my feelings.

… and all of a sudden I realize that I am no longer that frustrated, lonely woman in a hotel room abroad but I am taking action towards my goal of blogging regularly – Yey! “Happy” worked this time (well, in addition to phone calls 😉 ), so it’ll hopefully work again for me in the future.