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How to strengthen friendships

I believe that Friends are on the top 10 list of the most important things in life of almost everyone. Laughing together, sharing hobbies, experiencing adventures are the happy side of deepening friendships. This is time well spent in my eyes. Friendships can also grow in difficult times, when one or even both involved are experiencing things they didn’t wish for. And to me, a friendship that grew through active support in difficult times is something very special. No matter when and how you’ve gotten friends with someone – have you ever told them what your friendship means to you? How important they are for you? …. Ah, sure, they know without saying because you know each other that well? Sure, expressing how much your friendship means to you, and a thank you for being such a good friend might be scaring…. try it anyway, they will forgive you in case you mess up as they are your friend. Be prepared for some positive emotion….

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