do good to others

Say a warm hello and goodbye

This post is rather directed to people living with a partner, family members or roommates but it holds also true for visitors. Even though we live share our home with close ones, we sometimes do not pay much attention when someone else is coming home or leaving – a shout “bye” trough the appartment is sometimes all there is. However, I remember well how my mom always came to the front door to say goodbye before I left for school when I was a kid. It was nice, and I appreciated it very much. Reading Gretchen Rubins’s book “Happier at Home“, her idea of warm hellos and goodbyes resonated instantly with me. So today, I do make an effort to whenever someone of us is leaving or coming home to take a little time to meet, warmly say hello or goodbye. It’s just so much nicer to come home and feel that there is someone happy to see me – so I do the same.

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