do good to others

An easy and fun way to come up with great ideas for a present or gift

I like giving well-chosen presents to others – it truly makes me happy to give something I believe fits well with that person. The process of buying a gift and hunting for a matching card is fun – under the condition that I do have time. And this is the crux. Everyday life makes it sometimes really hard to come up with that idea of what to give.

Using an app on my smartphone that allows making lists of some kind (I use “things” that I love for its design), I created a list “ideas for gifts”. Whenever an idea of what I could give somebody crosses my mind, I would write it down in that list e.q. Andy: water bottle. As I carry my smartphone most days with me, I can collect ideas throughout the year. When someone mentions an activity she might like to try out, I’ll write it down as well. Personally, I like giving presents like “visit to the ice rink” to loved-ones because time spent together and shared experiences brings people closer and is simply fun.