Gratefulness is an emotion I love. Not only because I feel good at the same time but because it is oftentimes coupled with being content. Experiencing gratefulness means that one is able to not only perceive something but to reflect about it and subjectively judge at least an aspect or consequence of it to be of value. Pausing, reflecting and identifying things, facts, events, conversations that I feel grateful for in the midst of our today’s business is an art that I continue to practice. It does (not yet) come naturally to me in periods of high workloads yet I know from experience that I do benefit the most during these intensive periods of time.

Gratefulness today?

What a privilege to live in 2018 with smartphones! Rapidly scrolling through some photos I took a few week is phenomenal. And the ease with which one takes panoramic shots is remarkable. Ok, I admit, looking at pictures like this panoramic landscape taken at a mountain top itself makes me feel grateful for being able to go to such places.