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Buying food in Glass Containers

When doing groceries shopping, we are often blessed with a huge variety of products to choose from. On what characteristics do you base your choice of yogurt? Favorite flavor? Favorite brand? To try from time to time others? Do you prefer products of a certain label (“bio”) or other characteristic (“local”, “seasonal”, “fair-trade”)?

As we are only a single consumer, we often underestimate the influence we have as a society doing groceries shopping at a specific store… however by buying a certain product and not another we do communicate very clearly to the company what we like and what we are willing to pay for.

Is the criterion “packaging” relevant for you? It is for me. I prefer dairy products that are offered in reusable glass containers that I can bring back to the store. Yes, it is a little heavier (that trains my muscles) and I need to pay attention handling it in order not to break it.

I feel good using fewer plastic or plastic-cardboard (Tetrapak) packaging for my food.


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