Get back on track to achieve your goal

It has been quite some time since I had last posted on this blog. Why? Because life got in my way and other topics were of higher importance to me. That’s ok. Now how do I get back on track?

I guess that most of us set out from time to time to achieve a goal. This could be participating and finishing a run or as in my case writing a blog. Sometimes we simply change direction before reaching a certain goal. It can be due to some external reason or also because of internal reasons. We might find ourselves stressed out and decide cut back. We then rather ensure sufficient recovery than creating that photo book of our last holiday that we had started with. For whatever reason we stop doing something, let’s try not to dvelve about it, but simply accept it as it is.

Change of perspective

Getting back on track is difficult and hard, especially when we feel we have failed of in the first place. I felt guilty 20 mins ago, when I logged in and saw that my last post dated from March. But how about trying to change our perspective? We stopped for whatever reason and that is ok. And now we are considering starting again. Is there really a reason why we cannot simply get back on track? Sure, we might not be able to continue where we have left of (e.q. in sports, we lost our form). But isn’t it much better to get back on track today rather than putting it off for another day/week/month/year? Really, it’s just about doing it again. Improvement will automatically come along the way.

path or track trough the hills in an alpine valley
path or track trough the hills in an alpine valley

At this very moment, I feel already pretty good about myself as I am typing words for this blog post about getting back on track again after having it let go for a short or longer while.

In case of feeling overwhelmed where to start – I mean writing a blog is just one of my many goals – I might use the “Eisenhower matrix” to prioritize my goals.

So, to wrap up: instead of feeling guilty of not having worked towards a goal, let us feel proud and happy when we get back on track. Because it is hard and we are allowed to feel proud and happy when we overcome this mental hurdle.

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