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Experience life with your full attention

Our time is limited. No money in the world can buy us more of it. It is precious and I try to make conscious decisions about what I do during my limited time. There are periods when I reflect more about my life and then there are others when I simply live, fully immersed in what is happening. The last few weeks were more of the second type and I have enjoyed savouring my pefect imperfect life. One real highlight was a weekend that I have spent with an old friend hiking. The weather was far from perfect, yet we enjoyed each others company, having more than enough time to talk about every imaginable topic, savour the beautiful scenery we were walking in, watch the animals we saw on the way (lots of horses), listening to the chirping of the birds, admiring the natural beauty of flowers, making new encounters with people, tasteing delicious foods, feeling the tired legs, listening to the silence at night, the time to sleep and recover, the smell of fresh coffee, the sun on our skin, the fact of enjoying moment by moment without feeling any distress. For me, that weekend was an absolute highlight and the ingredients were: friend, time, walking, outdoors, nature, food, sleep. What are things and combinations therefore that make you content and happy with what you have in your life?


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