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How I try to make myself get enough sleep

Do I really wish our days were longer in order to fit in more activities? I confess, there are so many things I want or feel required to do each evening so that I regularly struggle to get into bed early enough in order to sleep sufficiently and feel energized the next day. Leaving work at 5-6pm, I’m usually pretty tired when I get home. At 9pm however, I’m recovered and fit again to do all those things I want or feel like having to do. So, it simply won’t cross my mind to go tho bed at that time, even though I know I probably should.

So, I set myself an alarm clock to 9.30 pm to stop doing things and slowly (why should I rush?) to get ready for bed. And when I finally get to fall asleep by 10.30 – 11pm, waking the next day at 6am is perfectly fine for my.

By sleeping enough and therefore feeling energized, I am happier and also a nicer person to be around for other people.