Becoming stronger – effects of weight training

My goal is to live in a body, that is strong, that is energized and that is agile at the same time. I want to feel good in my body. Sure, I suffer like anyone else from downtime in form of a cold, a torn ligament or whatever else. But that doesn’t stop me from thriving towards my personal ideal body. I am growing older and my physical peak lies for sure in the past, but so what? I still want to feel the best possible in my very own body with all its limitations. So I continue to stretch those boundaries. Muscles contribute to me feeling great as I experience a certain phyiscal demands simply less strenous than before, e.q. carrying heavy bags of groceries.
Doing weight training has always been that part of my training that I found little or almost no enjoyment in. I’ve known about the benefits, so I did my best to stick with it – but fun? Nope. Until I’ve tried BodyPump. Basically, it’s a 1-hour class of… well just watch the video, that explains it much better:

Fortunately, I took very little weight the very first time I went as it was super hard work. But the music and all the others in the room carried me through that very first class. It was a tough start, and I was so badly sore. But at the same time I felt so proud to having survived this very first time. I was surprised how many repetitions I could do when I would have stopped already long ago if I were on my own. I did suffer the next days as only one time before (after running a marathon) but I didn’t want that this suffering was for nothing – so I went again. And since then I haven’t stopped going. I try to stick with once a week but I am tolerant with myself. The key thing is simply to go again the next week. Even during this very hot summer, I managed to go about once a week to a Body Pump class – because over a few months it had made such an impact, which I didn’t want to lose again. I am feeling stronger and better, not only physically.  And it is addictive… just hearing that music makes feel great!

Note: I am not recommending BodyPump to everyone, a certain fitness level help “survive” those first couple of classes that are hard. However, I do recommend weight training literally to everyone, no matter your age. Please try to judge your fitness level realistically seek professional advice if necessary.

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