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Drink Tap Water

Do you live in a country┬áthat has drinkable tap water? Congratulations! That’s a privilege! Make use of it by simply refilling your bottle (I’d recommend to get one that is BPA-free) with tap water. If usure about the quality, inquire with your local government. You might need a few weeks to get used to its taste and you will recongnize differences from between different places. In case you have been drinking botteled water for the reason of certain minerals, use your next doctors appointment to discuss your needs and maybe switch to supplements so that you do no longer need the minarlized water but can switch to tap water. Should you really like sparkling water, get yourself a soda maker and here comes the bubbles.

I am trying to reduce the amount of bottled water I consume by refilling my bottle with tap water – it’s good for my water intake to have my water bottle in sight on the desk at work as I will automatically drink more and even more importantly it’s good for the environment that I buy fewer bottles of water (besides the material used for the bottle itself, think of all the ressources necessary to actually fill the bottles and transport it all over the place). And finally, it’s also good for my purse to drink tap water.

Here some links for further information – build your opinion and start acting accordingly!

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  1. Congratulations on trying to better your water drinking habits. In Canada the tap water if very safe in almost all parts of the country. I use a stainless water bottle and find it is light and easy to carry around. Plus it saves money, saves on waste and makes me a little more aware of small things I can do to make a difference. Good video link – it is amazing that 167 bottles are used by US citizens every day and that only 38 are recycled.

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