Couch vs. Powder Day – Learning about Gratification

The snow has finally arrived and the prospect of a powder desent is finally realistic. Friday night after an intensive week at work, I am often a little tired and feel most comfortable on the couch. It’s easy to forget time and go to bed rather late, so that getting up early on Saturday means 9ish. Well, with the snow arriving it was time to plan a tour. As the weather and avalache situation announced for today was far from ideal, we ended up to chose a place quite some distance away. Only imagining to getting up at 4.30am was grueling. So, instead of chilling on the sofa, I had to prepare all the stuff and pack the car. Not what I felt like doing at that moment; at all. Yet I knew that I didn’t want to miss out on a great powder day. So I took the decision to put my emotions of suffering at that very moment away and just to what had to be done. Eat dinner, prepare a lunch, place the clothes to wear on the chair so I would’t have to think in the morning, prepare hot tea, pack the backpack and put the skis and other gear into the car.

It was sooooo worth it! I had an awesome day today, perfect powder, great company, beautifual nature, sunshine and have I mentioned the powder??

What do I take from this in addition to great memories of a powder? It is well worth to wait a little longer for gratification! Being able to do without instant gratification (feeling good from chilling on the couch) can offer much bigger gratification a little later (feeling awesome after a day outdoors). I hope I will be able to remember my learning next time I am tempted to stay on the couch.

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