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Change of plans

At this very moment, I am in northern Italy on holiday. More presicely, I am hanging out by the pool on the top floor of our hotel. Initially, we planned to go rockclimbing today. However, fever and a bad stomach led us to enjoy a lazy day.

There are two different subjects to this that I’d like to address: planning and supporting.

Planning: I tended to make exhaustive plans with various alternatives to take “all” possibilities into account. In case plan A would not work out, I wouldbe happy with plan B (or C or D..,). Very surprisingly, I could invest a non-ignorable amount of time to draft many alternatives to feel prepared and still miss the case that later became reality. Nowadays, I plan for things that require planning (like organizing precise information on where we could climb which routes of which difficulty) but remain more spontaneous on others (if we don’t go climbing today then maybe tomorrow).

Supporting: I believe that we all feel bad when we see a loved one suffer. It does hurt emotionally and all we want is to make it better. We offer our help, organize tea and motivate to drink a lot. Same story with eating or fresh air.  Oftentimes the things I can do are quickly done and then comes patience. The best thing to do is to listen to the one being sick and do what they wish for Рthey know best what makes them feel better.

So, the pool area is cozy, a much appreciated breeze brings refreshment as the air is hot, I have books to read, time to blog by phone and another delicious nectarine to be eaten and a loved one recovering by sleeping. Life is good.


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