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Wish to save someone’s life? Register to become a blood stem cell donor

Life is a miracle. Living in a body that functions day in and out perfectly is a gift that we might not always be aware of in our own daily routines. However, sooner or later, we are all confronted with shocking diagnosis, whether it affects ourselfs or our loved ones. If we only could do something to help….  well, for some forms of cancer like for instance leukemia, a blood stem cell transplant is the only way to save that patient’s life. Only about 20 – 30% of those patients find a matching donor in their family. The large majority depends on registered donors somewhere else on this planet. So that’s what I did: I have registered with my country’s official coordination center to become a blood stem cell donor. Google “how to become a blood stem cell donor” to find your countries organization to get the detailed information and register.

And to make it more tangible, watch this video in which a receipient meets her donor (by default it’s an anonymous process):


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